What motivates us

At Meetwiz, we’ve based our DNA exclusively on the strategic systemic approach. We focus all our attention on respecting and giving full consideration to the reality of every individual: each and every one of us has a very good reason to think what we think and to do what we do. At Meetwiz, we don’t dwell on a person’s past but rather look at their dysfunctional relationships. That’s why we focus on the relational dynamics rather than on the individual, on current situations rather than on past ones. At Meetwiz, our role consists in understanding what happens between individuals in a current situation in order to offer a way to do things differently.

“We have to consider, not only A’s reactions to B’s behaviour, but we must go on to consider how these affect B’s later behaviour and the effects of this on A.”

Our core beliefs

At Meetwiz, we are convinced of the fact that it is not people who dysfunction but rather their relationships. With their gene pool, their experience, their education, their life-experiences: we consider a person as they are, without attempting to find a causal origin to their behaviour.

When facing difficulties, we naturally turn to a set of solutions to attempt to overcome these. When these solutions – simply known as “attempted solutions” – do not enable one to solve the difficulty, that difficulty then inevitably becomes a problem. At Meetwiz, we believe that these attempted solutions end up being the root of the problem. By putting an end to them, the problem can be resolved and the individual can regain their freedom to act differently.

Inaccessible vicious circles

At Meetwiz, we know that homeostasis (in theory, having read the systemic approach page, you already know what this is, but if you’re in doubt, make sure you don’t click on the link below) is an insidious movement that leads to a vicious circle at the heart of a system which is hard to escape. Only an external expert view (ours of course 🙃) would be able to analyse this relational vicious circle and thereby provide solutions to come out of it.

The responsibility of our behaviour

At Meetwiz, we are convinced that all change must go through a movement of empowerment or self-accountability which enables the individual to regain the freedom to act differently. Being able to define a harmful relational loop which is in place helps to offer an individual a way to do things differently. The awareness that they are coming out of a vicious circle means the individual becomes personally responsible for their relationship(s).

Complex Role of the context

In two different contexts, one same individual does not behave in the same way with the same people. One can then consider that, in a given situation, a change in context induces a change in behaviour. A change in behaviour induces relational consequences within a team or a system. Finally, the change in context induces several uncertainties that need an elastic or smooth adaption in human relations and therefore entails the accountability of each individual.

A way of being

Convinced of the pertinence of systemic thinking where successful human relations are concerned, all of the Meetwiz coaches and partners are systemic approach specialists who aim to adopt this method on a daily basis. More than a job, being a systemics specialist at Meetwiz is about following a life philosophy in one’s professional and personal life. 

“The smallest change made inside a rigid system can start a chain reaction that ends up changing the whole system.” 

– Paul Watzlawick –