Our coaches

What we have in common? Our interest in and need to understand and perfect relational interaction dynamics. That’s why, at Meetwiz, all your coaches are trained in the systemic approach. In French, in English or in German, we do everything to improve your human relations in order to make them more effective. In order to remain pertinent to our approach, all the coaches ask their colleagues to supervise them in their coaching practice.

Bénédicte Crucis

Founder, Systemic Approach Specialist

Bénédicte is a member of SYPRES (Syndicat des Praticiens en Systémie: Systemic Approach Practitioners’ Union).

She started her specialised communications company in the medical sector in 2008. In 2019, her passion for human relations led her to make this topic her area of expertise as well as her profession, thereby founding Meetwiz.

Havinf completed a University Degree and a Specialised DESS Postgraduate Studies Diploma, Bénédicte is qualified: in providing change management coaching, in the 180° systemic approach, in the experiential strategic approach for individuals as well as in the systemic approach as applied to teams.

Whether collectively or individually, Bénédicte currently provides support and coaching to managers and executives. According to the situation and in order to provide a high quality service, she analyses their specific needs and decides whether to intervene alone or with her team of systemics approach coaches.

Nicolas Bechkoff

Systemics Approach and Education

Having studied Clinical and Social Psychology and holder of a PhD in Early Childhood to Adolescence Development from the University of Paris V, Nicolas has had a career as a fully trained French National Education teacher specialising in the support of cognitively impaired pupils, and as of 2016 as an Elementary School Principal.

In 2015, he became a member of one the very first cells fighting school harassment in France, a role he has maintained right through his career.

Currently, he provides support to harassment victims by helping them to rebuild their self-confidence by improving their own view of their personal image.  

Eric Beslay ​

Systemic Approach and Role-Playing

Éric has been a Business Executive for 20 years in the financial and insurance sphere. During this period of time, he experienced all the different realities of management, whether within small structures or within multinationals. In 2016, he made a radical change in his career path and became a professional actor.

It was during the casting sessions for a film introducing the Systemic Approach that Éric crossed paths with Bénédicte.

This is when he discovered systemics and this novel approach fascinated him. Éric thereby offered Bénédicte his services and experience as former company executive. She gladly integrated him in the Meetwiz team to help develop this humanly novel approach.

“When you have a problem, life is the same damn thing over and over. When you no longer have a problem, life is one damn thing after another.”

Teeva Joguet​

Systemic Approach and Health

Teeva graduated from the NEOMA Business school, specialising in Strategic Marketing and Health Management with confirmed expertise in the fields of ‘Oncology’ and ‘the Hospital where she has acquired significant international experience.

Having acquired a Master’s degree in Coaching Practices from the University of Paris 8, Teeva has specialised in the strategic systemic approach, following both individuals and groups through this process.

She currently provides support to teams of Health workers but also to managerial teams and their staff, both individually and in groups.

Ines Obersteiner

Systemic Approach and International Management

Before redirecting her career in 2016 toward coaching and support, she worked in Paris for 17 years within international companies. Ines is a certified coach, having graduated from University of Paris 8. Having witnessed the effectiveness of the Systemic Approach in transforming failing or unsatisfactory human interactions, she has thus specialised in this approach.

Thanks to her European profile, Inès provides support to individuals or teams in French, German or English. She is Austrian but has been living and working in France for over 20 years.

Martine Mas

Systemic Approach and Interpersonal Patterns

Martine has a Master’s degree in Communication from the Sorbonne University CELSA school of Communication and Journalism. She also has Master’s degree in Organisational Management from the Paris Dauphine University. After 25 years working in Sales, Marketing and Management within the Pharmaceutical Industry, both in France and internationally, Martine trained to be a coach at the Institut Repère which specialises in Interpersonal Communications, Learning and Technological Change. She has specialised in the Systemic Approach, is also an NLP practitioner, a Process Com® trainer and an Insights Discovery® practitioner.  

Currently, she provides support to organisations in their staff’s development and she is specialised in interpersonal relations.