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"The meaning of your communication
is the response you get."

THe WORLD Of systEmiC thinking

You don’t like people and prefer avoiding them? You run away from all human interaction? You never have any relational difficulties of any sorts? Then please don’t bother browsing through this site: you would be wasting your precious time.

Now then, if like us, you strangely enough believe that both professional and personal interactions can always be improved, and if like us, you have the quirky notion that vicious circles are at the origin of dysfunctional relationships… then dare to enter the world of systemic thinking: you may well find this approach suits you.

Studying the system in the present

Systemics also known as the Strategic Systemic Approach aims to avoid a breakdown in interactions or, at times, when a situation has reached a deadlock, it gives you the tools to know how to extract yourself from it.
  • The strategic aspect focuses neither on a person’s origins nor on their past and difficulties but rather on analysing the dynamics that are part of their present.
  • And the systemic aspect considers not just the individual, but rather their relational system of as a whole and how they evolve and interact within it.
  • At Meetwiz we believe that it’s not individuals who dysfunction but rather their relationships. This is why all of our coaches are systemic approach specialists who all work exclusively using the strategic systemic approach.

Coaching accessible to all

By analysing all the attempts made to find a solution to a given problem up till then, the systemic coach will suggest that these very attempts be stopped. The resulting change in stance does not require any particular knowledge or competence.

Rapid coaching results

By stopping the existing attempts at finding a solution and by trying out a new way of functioning, the coachee sees the dynamics of their relationships evolve systematically and rapidly. Coming out of a relational deadlock usually happens within 5 sessions maximum.

Durable coaching results

By finding a new way to resolve the problem, the coachee goes through what is known as a corrective emotional experience. He/she becomes the main actor, responsible for his own behaviour and its relational consequences. The relational change is lived out and tested and then becomes a durable notion.

«Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.» 

Improving relational dynamics

When a person is no longer capable of facing a situation (loss of motivation, need of recognition, burnout, etc.). When two or more people are no longer on the same wavelength in terms of communication. When a manager no longer succeeds in maintaining his team’s cohesion. Relationships breakdown. The person or group attempts to implement solutions which all fail: a vicious circle sets in. The Palo Alto strategic systemic approach focuses on relational problem resolution through brief interventions. It consists in ensuring that a relational context enables a person to take up a proactive role as actor, responsible for his/her behaviour as well as for the relational consequences of this behaviour in a given situation.

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